Systematic Test and Evolution Process

Descripción extraída del Syllabus de 2012 ISTQB Advanced Level Test Manager

STEP (Systematic Test and Evaluation Process), like CTP and unlike TMMi and TPI Next, does not require that improvements occur in a specific order.
STEP is primarily a content reference model which is based upon the idea that testing is a lifecycle activity that begins during requirements formulation and continues until retirement of the system. The STEP methodology stresses “test then code» by using a requirements-based testing strategy to ensure that early creation of test cases validates the requirements specification prior to design and coding.
Basic premises of the methodology include:

  • A requirements-based testing strategy
  • Testing starts at the beginning of the lifecycle
  • Tests are used as requirements and usage models
  • Testware design leads software design
  • Defects are detected earlier or prevented altogether
  • Defects are systematically analyzed
  • Testers and developers work together

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